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147 Form: What You Should Know

Provide your valid photo ID.  Note: The form cannot be dropped off to a DMV office. Only completed forms can be handed over. Do not send a fax. You MUST give yourself enough time to complete a DMV online application and submit the completed forms to complete your DMV application. The completed forms will then be forwarded to your local DMV office where processing will commence.  DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION — CT.gov P-148 (R-4) Rev. 2/7/10. STATE OF CONNECTICUT. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Submit a completed DMV online license-plate search and signature/title, or submit the vehicle registration, registration and title, if required. Note: This forms cannot be dropped off to a DMV office. Only completed forms can be handed over. Do not send a fax. You MUST give yourself at least 4 weeks to complete a DMV online application  DEPARTMENT OF TRAFFIC SAFETY — CT.gov P-147 Rev. 6 11/19/09. STATE OF CONNECTICUT; DEPARTMENT OF TRAFFIC SAFETY Submit a completed DSP-147 if the state has asked, or a completed DMV-DSP-147 if the department is requesting.  Note: If the state has asked for your name and date of birth, the form is required. If the department is requesting your name or date of birth, make sure that you enter the requested information in the appropriate fields. If the state is asking for your name or date of birth, you must provide both.  IF YOU MISSED YOUR DATE OF BIRTH, PROVIDE YOUR ADDRESS AND REGISTRATION NUMBER AND COMPLETE A NEW APPLICATION FOR BIRTH. If applying for a birth certificate, you do not need to complete the DSP-147 form.  IF YOU MISSED THE ENTRANCE TO THE MOTOR VEHICLE LICENSE OFFICE, PROVIDE CURRENT INFORMATION, AND COMPLETE A NEW APPLICATION FOR ENTRY. If applying for an application to renew a license or registration, complete the form if the DMV needs it or print the registration renewal information here. If you already have the form or have printed the renewal information here, you don't need to provide it to the DMV.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 147 form

Instructions and Help about 147 form

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