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Welcome to unlocking the truth another podcast by dr. Leslie Phillips welcome listeners to this week's edition of unlocking your truth my name is dr. Leslie Phillips and I'll be your host along with Corey who is also joining us and our guest this week so as you hi Corey so as you know unlocking your truth is a talk show and we focus on metaphysics and spirituality anything to do with intuition and healing that's our game and we love to introduce new topics and educate you about that realm of things now you're listening to us on CI VL on 101.7 FM across the Fraser Valley and you can also check out the podcast at dr. Leslie Phillips comm so we have a fantastic guest in lined up for you today and actually a topic that I can't believe in the two-and-a-half years of doing the show that we've actually never talked about and that is animal communication and we're going today to talk about our guest is going to help us understand how to use an open heart and telepathic animal communication to understand who animals truly are and our responsibility to treat them accordingly and she's going to share stories from animals both on the earth and from the other side so that sounds absolutely phenomenal so before I introduce her I should probably tell you a little bit more about about her her name is Theresa Wagner and she has deeply loved and communicated with animals her entire life and being with animals is brings her to the core of her soul while she's here on earth and being with and helping animals and the people who love them provides meaning guidance joy and purpose to her life now she began working as a professional animal communicator in 1991 and she's actually worked with over 12,000 clients in over 20 countries since starting this work she specializes in grief support and has worked as a pet loss grief counselor since 1986 she's got a master's degree in counseling and psychology and she's the founder of the animal loss and grief support Institute which offers classes and certification in pet loss grief counseling so without further ado let me introduce our guest Theresa Wagner hello Theresa roamers Lee thank you so much for having me on your show well it's an absolute pleasure and so it sounds like you've been involved in animals all of your life what if they meant to you in your life and and where did you first discover that you could communicate with them well people ask those of us in the field or yes that question a lot and it varies with each of us of course my story is that I've always heard animals I in fact years later when I was you know pushed by a bunch of my clients to start teaching animal communication I had to really step back to do that because I I.


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What does the triangle mean in North Carolina? What CS courses at Stanford should a future entrepreneur take? What are the differences between chromosomes, chromatids and chromatin? What is the purpose of the existence of a neutron? Does it prstability or something else? And is it possible for an atom to exist without a nas they're already neutralised by the presence of electrons and protons? What is MS Dhoni's best game changing strategy till date? How many times did the word Allah appear in the Quran? What do you do if a neighbor keeps calling the police and making false reports about you? What are the differences of a regular bullet and a sniper bullet? Which cricketer hit more fours in the IPL?
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